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Jessica Simpson Clip on Bangs

Jessica Simpson Clip on fringe are very popular in her hair because, compared to human hair extensions, they are much cheaper. Made of synthetic fibers, this hair accessory is a good quality product, designed by Ken Paves, a hairdresser by stella, who has worked with many celebrities, including pop singer, actress and fashion designer, Jessica Simpson. Together, they created a brand-hair hairdo extensions available to all women worldwide. These outbreaks can be consumed directly through or side swept, and it is also possible for hair styling tools because the fibers are heat-compatible (up to 350 degrees).

Jessica Simpson Clip on bangs come in 13 colors: chestnut, chocolate, copper, ebony, Blonde, Ginger, Golden grain, Midnight Brown, honey ginger, buttered Toast, Strawberry blonde/red enamel, fudge, Ginger Brown/Light, Swedish blonde and Sandy Blonde.

The lifespan of the product is the clip of application method in three months. Estimated time of application is 1 minute. It is very easy to place and remove them-just follow these three simple steps:

Separate the hair.
Extensions, starting with the Center clip and then attach the two side clips clips.
Cut the bangs to your desired style (optional).
Most women are looking for Jessica Simpson clip on bangs because they have a nice bevel look. However, a small number of women without a natural fringe found the bangs a little too thin. The solution could wear two pieces instead of one to get a bevel look great (there is 1 piece in a box). Other reviews say that the fringe is perfect, and some say they are a bit too long, but the bangs are deliberately designed so that all women, regardless of size of forehead, can cut according to personal needs to get a custom look.

Jessica Simpson Clip on fringe cost around $ 12-$ 14-a great price for a product that can give you a new look without going to a salon or make a permanent cut. Can be found and ordered online, but if the color that you have bought does not match your natural hair color, do not open the box and you will be able to return the product to a restocking fee. If you are planning to purchase different types of hair extensions, the best thing would be to place your orde5r directly with the hairdo (Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions) and get a ring of color before.

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